Becoming.Tech is your Sustainable Enabler



  1. Technical Due Diligence for investments, mergers or buyouts.
  2. IT Accompaniment for your recent investments.

From €5.000 HTVA per project.


  1. IT Framework for improving the management of your IT.
  2. Development of your company’s IT Culture based on craftsmanship practices.

From €100 HTVA per 1 remote hour.


  1. Checklist for starting new IT project.
  2. Complete support for creating IT department and related processes.

From €70 HTVA per 1 hour.


IT Framework

Documented solution for managing your IT. Continuously updated and hosted on cloud Confluence. You’ll have practical solutions for managing your company every day.

From €500 HTVA.

Kubernetes bootstrap

A 60 min bootstrapping of a managed infrastructure for for any project with all the required components, environments, apps, password management, etc. With complete control of the source code.

From €1.000 HTVA.


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