Episode 5, Install Intellij Idea

Episode 5, Install Intellij Idea

Season 1 - From Lame to Fame

Intellij Idea is an IDE - Integrated Development Environment, meaning that is way more than a text editor like Notepad++ or simple editor like VS Code

Note about Intellij Idea

  1. You have 2 flavours: Ultimate and Community
  2. A number of steps from this tutorial will not work in Community version
  3. For the Ultimate version you have to pay after 30 days of trial
  4. Yet, you can opt for monthly payment so that you can cancel any time


  1. Eclipse or a Spring Boot optimized version
  2. NetBeans - Look for LTS version
  3. VS Code with Spring Boot Extension Pack

Software center way

  1. Open software center
  2. Look for Intellij Idea
  3. Click install, provide password if asked, hit Enter
  4. Wait
  5. Done

Console way

  1. Open terminal Ctrl + Alt + T
  2. Type sudo snap install intellij-idea-ultimate --classic hit Enter, type your password if prompted and hit Enter again
  3. Done

Official Guide

  1. Please refer to Official Installation Guide

Need Inspiration ? In case you are having troubles, here’s a team of professionals showing how to install things: