Episode 1, Introduction exercise

Episode 1 #

We’ll do a bunch of exercises to introduce some fundamental elements:

  • It is easy to blame.
  • It is hard to create.

Exercise 1 #

Describe on a paper an algorithm, in a human language (fr, en, ro) of your choice, for something you do every day, examples of actions:

  • Clean teeth
  • Drink a glass of water
  • Use some app on your smartphone
  • Place a call

Pick one and write on paper or some notepad app, no diagrams required.

Exercise 2 #

Create one java application, examples of subjects:

  • Basic calculator.
  • A simple bot.
  • Console menu, with 5 options.
  • A basic dictionary with 5 words.

The app should be simple and doable in 10 minutes.