Episode 1, Java Dev Kit

Episode 1, Java Dev Kit #

Choosing the right JDK (Java Development Kit) really depends on what your plans are.

Quick Choice #

No time to lose ?

Go to https://adoptopenjdk.net/ then download the default selected JDK.

Versions #

There are 2 types of versions now : LTS and the rest. LTS stands for Long Term Support. The vendors of free or commercial JDKs will most likely support only the LTS versions.

At the time of writing of this page, the latest LTS versions are 8 and 11, the next LTS is expected to be the 18th.

General purpose JDK #

Adoptium (a.k.a. AdoptOpenJDK) is the way to go in most of the cases - free for dev, free in prod.

The official site is (for now) is : https://adoptopenjdk.net/

Oracle clients #

If you are one of the Oracle’s clientele, you should see if you are eligible for Oracle JDK.


IBM or RedHat clients #

In the repositories of RHEL instances you can simply install the needed package.

You can as well download it from here: developers.redhat.com -> openjdk