Requirements #

Knowledge #

  • Understanding of the Java Programing Language
  • Understand of what an application is

Hardware #

  • Laptop or Desktop.
  • At least i5 or AMD 4800.
  • At least 8 GB RAM (16GB is better and more is perfect).
  • SSD storage (HDD will be slow).

Price for a such device starts at 700 euro (or 999 for Mac).

You can take a look at Tuxedo Computers they are pretty cool.

Operating system #

You can use any OS that runs Java, however the material will consider the following ones:

  • Linux (Ubuntu 20.04 ref.).
  • Windows (10).
  • MacOS (10.15 Catalina).

IDE, Code Editor #

Java JDK and Runtime #

To compile and build java apps we’ll use a JDK. Since there are multiple ways and versions to do it, you can pick one of the methods bellow.

Maven #

We’ll use maven as “technical project management tool".